Scania interviews Mark Thompson

Working closely with Warrington-based Scania dealer Haydock Commercial Vehicles, Mark Thompson Transport owns and runs a modern fleet of efficient and reliable trucks.

Since purchasing our first Scania in 2012 as a trial, we have then gone on to purchase many more over the years. By the end of 2018 we will have around 50 Highline-cabbed S 500 6×2/2s in service.

When Scania approached us about featuring in their customer magazine we were more than happy to be involved. In May a team from Scania visited our depot to interview Mark Thompson, Managing Director of Mark Thompson Transport and also to get some great video footage and photos of the lorries.

Discussing our current fleet, Mark said “We’ve already got 32 on the fleet and they’re doing well on fuel – averaging 10.5-11 miles per gallon each.” “Our drivers appreciate them for their smoothness, quietness and comfort and we like them for their build quality, reliability and fuel performance, of course”.

Take a look at the full Scania article and interview here.


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